Integral industrial machinery development: mechanical, electronic and software design



Optimization of industrial processes: projects, consulting turn key installations



INSPECTRA: our brand of machine vision quality inspection equipment

Engineering and knowledge

Our engineering team uses its extensive knowledge base and advanced technology to grow your company, developing solutions adapted to your needs. We develop industrial machines for the improvement of processes using the most advanced computer vision techniques

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Services to the industry

We are specialists in product development and industrial process optimization. We integrate ourselves in the technical offices of our clients and partners, as one more member of the team and only when they are needed, offering all our capabilities.

Equipo multidisciplinar

Multidisciplinary team

Our product development team integrates areas of mechanical design, electronics and software. This allows us to always have a perfect technical and global vision of the project, and to make the developments in an optimal way.

Dirección integral del proyecto

Full project management

We ensure the control of costs, scope and execution times. We control and manage the subcontracting of other specialized companies or suppliers integrated in the project.

Innovación y creatividad

Innovation and creativity

Innovation as an essential driver of differentiation and growth. Creativity in solutions, not always the best proposals are the most expensive. And we have great experience in requesting public aid to finance your project.