Machine vision is having an exponential growth within industrial applications, allowing decision making based on image classification.

At Inndeo we design, under the brand name INSPECTRA©, customised artificial vision equipment for the automation of quality processes, aimed above all at the food sector.

After carrying out initial viability tests, we select the most suitable vision technology for each project according to the production and quality needs of each client. Our equipment is integrated into the production management systems, reporting in real time the productivity and quality indicators of the production line.

INSPECTRA equipments provide the following benefits:

We avoid quality problems: We inspect 100% of the production, which allows us to avoid quality problems in the products that in many occasions produce the rejection of a lot, avoiding the over costs of destruction, replacement and transport of the defective lots.

We automate quality control: We reduce the labour costs required to carry out quality control tasks, and eliminate subjectivity in inspection criteria. Furthermore, our technology allows us to detect defects that were previously impossible to detect through the human eye.

We digitise quality and production data: Our equipment captures data from all production, which allows information to be obtained on the quality of the data, which allows objective assessment criteria to be established for raw material suppliers, and also allows processes to be improved based on the analysis of production data.

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