Industry4.0: Digitalization


The digitalization of processes in the industry allows to optimize productive operations while having information in real time: only what can be measured can be improved. We offer turnkey digitization projects:

  • capture of process data (productivity operations).
  • digitization of data record in production: elimination of paper.
  • custom design dashboards operation (online and control KPIs).
  • processing of centralized information on local server or in the cloud.
    For digitization projects, Inndeo is a partner of GRUPO PRONET and represents its branch of industrial consulting.

Industria 4.0: Digitalización

Installation and automation projects


In Inndeo we design the customer's installations independently to the installation companies, avoiding the transfer of know-how and facilitating competition between them. We conduct the project management of facilities and automation, ensuring compliance with established deadlines, costs and scope:

  • projects of general installations of services and productive lines.
  • design and manufacture of tools and special process machinery.
  • technical direction of automation projects.
  • implantation of artificial vision systems.
    For the execution of the project we have in case required with different installation and automation companies, as well as manufacturing workshops.

Proyectos de instalaciones y automatización



We analyze the manufacturing technology of your company, assessing the potential for growth and reduction of operating costs through a 360º analysis. We work on optimizations through process automation, digitalization, and the application of 4.0 technologies.
For industrial analysis analysis projects we are ZADECON partners, following strategies and actions to carry out the improvement of processes based on LEAN technologies and control of methods and times.

We accompany our clients in all the project's approach, including financing, by supporting the request for public aid (REINDUS, PYMEH2020, CDTI) for investment in industrial plant upgrade projects.


Processes and automation

From Inndeo we refocus and update their industrial processes. In investments as important as these where multiple factors come into play, a good project management in front of the automation companies is a key factor to guarantee the achievement of objectives.

Robotics and automation, with a technological leap and drastic cost reduction in recent years, are already essential keys to compete in a global environment that continues to demand lower manufacturing costs and higher quality requirements.

Reasonable recovery periods together with the strategic importance of technological updating will determine the possibilities of action. We also provide advice on requesting public financing aid to develop these investments, a path that many SMEs do not know how to take advantage of properly.