Mechanical Design

icono diseño mecánico

Any product always integrates mechanical components. A good knowledge of the available technology is key to achieve an efficient design at a competitive cost.
We develop parts and components in sheet metal, machining, 3D printing and plastic injection.

We work with different design programs for the modeling of parts and assemblies as well as for the generation of manufacturing drawings, calculations and simulations (MEF - CFD).
Good design at the level of functionality, usability and styling are always essential keys to success. Integration with electronic components, if required, is another important aspect of mechanical design in our projects.
We have an extensive network of mechanical workshops and suppliers for the manufacture of prototypes and preseries.

Diseño mecánico

Electronical Design

icono diseño electrónico

The increasing cost reduction of electronic components together with the enormous possibilities offered by incorporating new features, make electronic design is already essential in most redesigns or new products.
We develop the product control architecture, always thinking of the maximum functionality and robustness of the equipment. We perform the electronic design of the PCBs and select the required electronic components. In terms of communications technology, we have extensive experience in the electronic design of IoT products for remote control and monitoring of operating parameters.
We count on our network of collaborators with specialized electronic suppliers for continuous support, as well as for the manufacture of prototypes and preseries.

Diseño electrónico


icono software

Each electronic project requires embedded software or firmware, with associated control logic. We develop customized applications for each product, analyzing with our clients the most appropriate tools and technologies in each case. The design of the user interface is one of the most important aspects that will impact the success of the product. To this end, our design area works in coordination with the client's technical departments, which are normally the ones that best know the needs of the end user. We always work with recognized and robust development platforms, without losing sight of the optimization of costs and seeking the shortest development times.


Product development

At Inndeo we have extensive experience in comprehensive product design. Our technical department is multidisciplinary and we approach from mechanical design to embedded electronic systems and control software. This allows us to have a very complete vision of the project, which is why we usually carry out the Technical Management, coordinating the control of costs, scope and deadlines. We integrate with the client's engineering departments and work in a network, coordinating our technical team together with suppliers, innovation centers and engineering companies with high technological specialization according to the project.

Phases of the project

Conceptual design → Comprehensive design development → Prototype manufacturing → Testing → Industrialization and CE marking