Research, development and innovation

At Inndeo, we are motivated to take on new technological challenges, knowing that extensive experience in R + D + I projects and excellent training accompanies our team.

We are driven by the passion for innovation and the development of products and services that generate a more efficient and sustainable environment. We accompany industrial companies by contributing value and helping them to differentiate themselves and to grow continuously in this global environment of permanent change, where innovation is more than ever a present need and condition of survival.


Inndeo participates in the Aragonese cluster of food as an associate, providing our experience and knowledge for the continuous improvement of food production processes by implementing new technologies.

Usually, the viability of many innovation or R & D projects depends on requesting funding from national or European public entities.


In Inndeo we have experience in obtaining financing for this type of projects through the preparation of technical-economic documentation in the specific calls that can best be adapted to each case.


"Innovative SMEs" are those SMEs that in recent years have carried out activities in the field of Research, Technological Development or Technological Innovation (R & D & I).  

Inndeo participates in various R&D projects, its own and in collaboration with other companies, this fact has made it worthy of the seal of innovative SME by the Ministry of science and innovation.