We develop our activity within different industrial sectors. Throughout our career we have been acquiring extensive experience and knowledge in each of them, focusing on certain services and projects.

Working for different sectors allows us to have a more complete and transversal vision of many technologies, as well as a direction of the project that goes to the essentials. Innately, ideas and innovation are transferred among some of these sectors, evolving concepts and solutions, to end up applying in each case the most effective and efficient answers that each project really needs.

Sectors and activity areas

Food Industry

We work for some of the leading national companies in the food sector. The standards of quality control and cost reduction are increasingly demanding, demanded both by distributors and by the end user. It is for this reason that more and more inspection and performance requirements are necessary for process optimizations.

Regarding process equipment, in Inndeo we develop food inspection machinery for production lines. New technologies in the field of advanced artificial vision, together with the development of custom software applications, allow us to achieve quality control results unimaginable until now: sealing inspection, automatic classification according to product ranges, slice counting, contamination, positioning of product, labeled, presence of interleaver, detection of% fat or other characteristics of the interior of the food, etc.

Our teams integrate: electro-mechanical systems, advanced artificial vision, machine learning and custom software applications per client.

We design, manufacture and install your food quality control machinery, developing tailored solutions tailored to your needs and integrating them within the production line, and in collaboration with the quality, production and engineering departments of our customers.

In terms of optimization of process operations, in Inndeo we perform consulting and digitization projects. The reduction of costs and improvement of productive conditions are always the objectives to be achieved. Depending on the type of project, some technologies or others will be required.

We aspire to contribute to the improvement of this type of facilities in the food sector, accompanying our clients to be able to compete successfully in the national and foreign markets.

Industrial kitchen and hospitality equipment

We develop products for the industrial kitchen and hospitality sector. It is a sector in expansion where innovation and quality demanded is growing, as in gastronomy and restoration. The application of new technologies together with a strict control of costs allow to develop equipment with benefits not seen until now. The technology implemented is already improving the productivity of the hotel and industrial establishments, and allows a wide range of possibilities for food processing. These projects are multidisciplinary, with integration of mechanical, electronic and software programming components. The high robustness of the design and reliability of the components are essential keys for this type of equipment, which are subject to intensive use in usually severe operating conditions. From our technical department we carry out the entire development process, from conceptual design to industrialization.

IoT devices for process monitoring

In Inndeo we develop IoT equipment for process monitoring. The power of these systems is enormous because it allows to simplify and exponentially multiply the data capture and operation parameters. In this way, decision making can be automated, reducing process costs. The data is transferred to an IoT web platform, where they are processed and analyzed. For this, a customized monitoring dashboard is developed according to the client's needs.

Inndeo has developed various IoT equipment, among which include:

  • industrial kitchen equipment connected.
  • systems for measuring air quality in industrial processes.

The final configuration of each equipment is made according to the type of installation: communications architecture, power supply and encapsulation.

Automotive and wind

Our technical team has extensive experience in the automotive and wind sectors.

In terms of product development, we offer tool design services or modeling of parts and components. We work with different CAD commercial software, depending on the client's needs.

For process optimization, we develop advanced artificial vision systems, among which are:

  • collection of container parts using bin-picking techniques.
  • etection of defects in pieces by means of deflectometry.
  • scanned by laser or 3D vision.
  • equipment of robots with vision systems for correction of coordinates in the removal of parts.


In Inndeo we carry out process consultancy in the recycling sector. Digitization, automation and application of vision techniques are some of the technologies that provide the greatest value to current plants. We developed equipment for classification by artificial vision and Deep Learning, using chemical image for the automatic classification of different raw materials, automating the tasks of classification and evaluation of fractions. The recycling industry will undergo a transformation towards automation in the coming years, and its weight grows in an environment where the generation of waste is increasing.

Manufacturing industry of equipment

The equipment manufacturing industry continues to grow indisputably in Spain and is mostly export-oriented. From Inndeo we perform process optimization services through digitization or improvement of operations productivity. In terms of product development, we have made design of machinery and tools, commissioning from conceptual design to the manufacture of prototypes. We have a network of specialized workshops for technologies, and if required, we study the impact of reducing process costs that will have the implementation of these teams and all possible design variants.